Customized Employee Communications

We offer Innovative Design Solutions.

Graphic design is a critical form of employee communication. It’s a powerful tool for reaching, engaging, and motivating employees—when used correctly. Regardless of the size of your organization, good design solves problems and increases the perceived value of your products, services, or cause. Employee benefits communication is vital—to your organization and your people. To develop a successful communications campaign, we must first understand your employees. So we start by asking questions.

Choosing the Right Way to Deliver Your Message. Is it by mail, email, or electronic flip book. Maybe it’s video, or a website. We can recommend and provide any, or all of these options.

Know What You’re Asking Your Audience to Do. Seems obvious, but often times when the message is unclear, confusion can lead to inaction.

Why is brand development important? In today’s world, individuals are deluged with email, snail mail, text messages, voice mail, and advertisements and solicitations from every direction. Your brand is built on your name, logo, signature colors, and look/feel/tone of your communication materials. When effectively developed and maintained, your brand helps ensure that your employees will take action. Your brand must be designed to appeal to your employees and be put in front of them regularly. Presenting a consistent look/feel every time you communicate with employee solidifies their perception that you are the solution to their needs.

Benefits of Multichannel Communications

  • Provides employees with more than one way to access and understand their benefits.
  • Employees favor and use different channels during the communication process.
  • Using multichannel communications to reach all generational audiences
  • Educate and empower employees
  • Repeat messaging to build your HR brand

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