We Take Ownership of Every Project


Employee Benefits Communication takes ownership of every project that comes through our door. From start to finish, we oversee all aspects of design and production. Whether you choose from our Customized Employee Communications or our Employee Communications Suite, the following steps are followed.

Step 1 – Project Development
Project objectives, expectations, and specifications are discussed. Recommendations are made and if necessary recorded in proposal form. This phase clarifies the objectives and defines the results in measurable units of time, cost, and skill requirements.

Step 2 – Concept Development
All available input in collected and analyzed relative to the appropriate audience. Concepts are designed and presented for feedback and collaborative discussion, and a budget is developed. This phase concludes with an approved concept that fits the objectives.

Step 3 – Design Phase I
The approved concept is then translated into preliminary visual and contextual designs that maximize the effectiveness of the concept.

Step 4 – Design Phase II
The best ideas from Design Phase I are further developed and enhanced in Design Phase II. The message and content are refined and placed in position. Budget compliance is confirmed.

Step 5 – Production/Programming
Upon approval of the design phases, the production and/or programming files are generated for release. Files meet fabrication requirements and standards.

Step 6 – Completion
The manufacturing of final deliverables is supervised by Employee Benefits Communication to ensure all specifications, quality level, and brand requirements are met.

“I have worked with Employee Benefits Communication for almost 10 years and am always searching for opportunities to work with them again. They are very detail-oriented and deliver quality work — a great asset to any team!”

—Cindy Berry
Senior Consultant, Aon Hewitt

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